Sunday, July 30, 2017


I tend to stay way too busy with life sometimes between working as a Supply Chain Manager, teaching motorcycle safety classes, acting as manager of the Harley Davidson Riding Academy at Southside HD in Indy, and chasing my daughter around the US for her softball tournaments. I have two new radios, one in the car and one in the shack, but have had little time to learn and play with one of them. The mobile rig, FTM-400XDR, is pretty straight forward in most areas and a fellow ham turned me on to WiresX this weekend. What a fun and neat feature. I enjoy throwing that up while still monitoring my favorite local repeater. I have spent alot of time with the 400 as I have been in the car alot lately.

My frustration level is with the FT-991A. Not necessarily the rig itself but I seem to have some major SWR issues that were not as noticeable with the 857D. I know that my dipole really needs a good tuning and I have a suspect piece of coax that I need to replace. It would be nice if those quick fixes remedy my situation because I really want to get the 991A on the air. That will be the first project once I get back from California.

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  1. Good luck Steve! Let me know if you need any help with your antenna project.