Monday, July 31, 2017

Ham Radio Pet Peeve

I have read a list of pet peeves in the past dealing with amateur radio. Things like people saying, "calling cq on 40m" unnecessarily as the station hearing you is also on 40m..
Some hams get a big red face when others use Hi HI.
Others cringe when an operator uses the term destinated.

I thought I would share my pet peeve just to have something to post about. Mine is pointed towards the big retail stores that send you catalogs, namely HRO and DX Engineering. When I am looking at equipment in the catalog I want to see the price listed right there, right now. I want to know if I can afford that piece of gear or do I need to look at a cheaper version. That is my pet peeve. Possibly very trivial to many but a shared pet peeve with other operators I am sure.



  1. When it says "Call for Pricing"....I never do.

  2. It's so true I guess they want to get you hooked on the eye candy. Also the prices to go up and down according to the exchange rate and the cost to reprint would get pricey.